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Manifesting Success

Self confidence starts with knowing that you are worthy of the goals you have set for yourself.

Here's an exercise I learned from Manifestation Coach Kira Matthews recently that blew my mind! She spoke about how consistent journaling and positive thinking (easier said than done I know, been to that depression hole and got the T-shirt), can help us to manifest good things.

So, here it goes! Get yourself a notebook, or just a piece of paper (but don't lose it!) and a pen.

Write down one big goal you'd like to achieve in the next 90 days. It can be small, it can be so enormously that you actually think it's a bit silly.

Now spend 2 minutes (be strict!) writing down all the reasons why you can't achieve that goal.


How do you feel? Write down the emotions this list brings up.

Now tick off all of the reasons which are true.

How many did you get? ...... Not any I bet!!


Now spend 2 minutes writing down all of the wins and lessons you've had to get you where you are now.


Now, spend 2 minutes writing down all the reasons why you are worthy of reaching that goal you set yourself earlier.


How does that feel? Write down these emotions.


Now, write down the very best thing that could happen to you and what you need to focus on in order for that to happen.


Feels good huh?

When I first did this I felt a huge sense of relief, confidence an empowerment. I hope you do too.

Now I'm not saying this is all you need to be successful and make all of your dreams come true, but I do really belief that committing to acknowledging your self worth and creating space in your mind for these powerful, positive beliefs will be advantageous to you.


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