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The Sunflower Series


Does self-promotion give you the ick?

This series of workshops will give you the tools to show up more authentically within your business. Social media marketing will feel less overwhelming, and way more fun!


Recordings of each are available to purchase below, so you can take in all the goodness at your own pace. 

Throughout the series, you'll learn how to:


☀️ Embrace a more creative way to promote yourself online 

☀️ Build an engaged audience 

☀️ Grow your confidence about showing up as your authentic self in-person and online 

☀️ Use social media to promote yourself in a way that feels good, and avoids burnout 

Buy both workshops for just £30 by using the code SUNSERIES10 at checkout.

“I really enjoyed the 'How to Show up More Authentically in your Business' workshop!


It was refreshing to see something that was focused on the feeling of using social media for business, rather than just the numbers…


I’ve already made a big note on my phone with ideas that feel more aligned with what I want to say…


It also helped me come to a big realisation of why I worry about what I post...”

Rosie Burns


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