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Community over Competition

Today I’m sharing some reflections from last week’s workshop - the first of The Sunflower Series!

But first, I’m pleased to say the recording is now available to purchase! A fancy online shop is coming to my website soon - but I don’t want to keep you lovely folk waiting, so please order your recording here until the shop is live!

Sharing your work and personality online in a way that feels sincere is easier said than done.

It can feel vulnerable and nerve-wracking to put yourself out there, especially when it appears that everyone else has their shit together (they don’t by the way).

At the start of the workshop we shared our personal thoughts on self-promotion following some bullet journalling prompts.

The attendees agreed that imposter syndrome, self consciousness, overthinking and not knowing what, or who to share with are the main hurdles standing in the way of showing up online. ‘Why does anyone want to hear from me?’ also came up.

We also discussed what a successful online presence looks and feels like. It was suggested that knowing what you stand for, allowing room for vulnerability and telling true stories, (rather than relying solely on Chat GPT) is what we’d like to aim for and I whole heartedly agree.

Throughout the rest of the workshop, I encouraged the attendees to recognise their feelings towards showing up authentically, whilst looking at the whole idea of self-promotion from a different perspective. I also offered practical tools and strategies to put into action.

This was a really meaty workshop, covering:

  • What authenticity really means, and what it does not

  • Why it’s so important to take up space (when you feel like it)

  • Journalling prompts to challenge your mindset around expressing yourself freely

  • How to create aligned content and share it with confidence

  • How to protect your peace on social media by curating your feed and setting boundaries

  • Various ways to inject your personality across your brand

Being more comfortable with showing our faces, sharing our successes and lessons, and offering our expertise to our audience (who, by the way, have already told us they WANT to hear from us by following, clicking on our blog post, or checking out our website) will, in no uncertain terms, benefit your business.

If you’re ready to start your journey to showing up authentically in your business, but missed the live workshop, the replay is now available to purchase for just £15.

I now offer 1:1 support with The Illumination Session. Following a questionnaire to find out where you’re at and what your goals are, we’ll spend 90 minutes finding clarity in your brand or solving a specific challenge you’re facing. I’ll then send you a detailed Reflection Sheet with a clear and informative plan of action, so you can move forward with confidence. Click here to learn more.


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