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What’s the plan?

Do you set goals for your personal life and business? Do you know where you want to be in 1, 5, 10 years time?

Why? Or why not?

If you’re not sure what your big (or small) goals are yet or what you really want from your life, take a few minutes to really think about it and write them down in your phone notes or a journal.

Don't limit yourself. Don't overthink it. Don’t try to be realistic. Don’t come up with excuses before you even finish the thought.

Just go with your gut. You might surprise yourself 🙌🏽

I’ll go first:

⚡️ I want to be one of the UK’s most sought-after Brand, Portrait & Lifestyle Photographers for Creatives, Indie Businesses and Thought-Leaders in the next 5 years.

⚡️ I want to make a book and exhibition from the work I’m currently creating in my Personal Photography Project about Change-Makers.

⚡️ I want to complete an accredited course in Neurodiversity by this time next year.

⚡️ I want to go on at least one holiday abroad + in the UK every year - ASAP.

⚡️ I want to have chickens and Pygmy goats - but first I need my own house…so I’d really like that too 🏡

If you feel like sharing your goals below I’d LOVE to hear them 👇🏼

📸 of Grace Pengelly, a writer in Frome with a brilliant newsletter called ‘The Murmuration’. If you’d like insights and thoughts about social and political culture straight to your inbox, head to her page to sign up.


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