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Somerset brand photographer with therapist Justine Corrie

Exploring the forests of Bruton with Justine, after a relaxed portrait session in her studio at home.

Justine offers therapy sessions for those in need of some calmness and serenity in their life. Through talking through anxieties and worries either via zoom, in her studio or by taking a walk together in the woods. Eco-therapy is a fairly newly coined term to describe the remarkable way that nature can help us combat the issues we may be wanting to overcome. By either walking and talking or taking part in a nature based activity, this new way of interacting, exploring and embracing the outside is transforming lives.

Woman with curly hair, wearing a black blazer, looking at the camera with a thoughtful expression.
Somerset Brand Photographer with Justine Corrie

We started our session in Justine's garden cabin / study where most of her sessions take place. It's a gorgeous space with a large sofa and an array of colourful, informative books which immediately caught my eye. We made a range of portraits here, with and without glasses, and thoughtful, more serious expressions, as well more relaxed, smiley and candid looks. We also made use of a costume change for working lifestyle images to provide some wonderful variation in colour and texture.

As we worked together we spoke about how we've been feeling over the last few years and agreed we'd had moments where we needed to introduce more mindfulness into our lives to help balance out those difficult moments with something more positive. Below are a few of the ways I have found have worked best for me to keep from going over the edge when I'm feeling overwhelmed or heading towards burnout.

try these mindfulness tips
  • Enjoy the little, every day things. A good cup of tea, watching your favourite show, an early night.

  • Embrace nature. Just 10 minutes wandering around a field can do wonders for your mood.

  • Less caffeine. I now just drink one coffee a day at around 8.30am and I sleep so much better! This helps me wake up earlier and have a fresher start to the day. I tend to have a couple of green tea's throughout the day when I feel like a pick me up. This jasmine tea is my absolute favourite!

  • Get off your phone! The irony is that you're likely to be reading this on it. But when you next reach for it just to have a scroll, think about something else you could do instead? Collage, a little sketch, a bit of baking maybe?

do you need to update your online presence?

Working with me is easy, fun, and a great way to boost your confidence about showing up online.

Get in touch by filling out my contact form with the button below.

Woman with a green hat, comfy cardigan and jeans, sitting on a tree stump in a forrest, surrounded by brown leaves
Somerset Brand Photographer with Justine Corrie

Woman in the woods, wearing a green hat and a comfortable cardigan, looking thoughtful
Somerset Brand Photographer with Justine Corrie

Woman with a large scarf looking happy in a big field
Somerset Brand Photographer with Justine Corrie

Woman in a forest, holding up a mushroom
Somerset Brand Photographer with Justine Corrie

Hand holding stones balancing on top of one another
Somerset Brand Photographer with Justine Corrie


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