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Somerset Brand Photographer with Jewellery Designer and Maker - Alchemilla

Created by Jennifer Johns in Bruton, Alchemilla is a unique jewellery brand specialising in Water Casting. This is a technique brand new to me - and I was really excited to learn more about this incredible way of making one of kind pieces of wearable art.

Understandably, Jennifer was quite nervous of being photographed after years hiding from the camera as many of us do! So we started the session with a 'fly on the wall' vibe. I made images as Jennifer took me through some of the processes that go into making her work.

Lois arranging flowers
Somerset Brand Photographer with Alchemilla

Water casting is a process where molten metal is poured into water to create organic and completely unique shapes which can be used in a variety of ways. From pendants, to earrings to brooches, these pieces are all stunning in their own ways.

To plan our session, I asked Jennifer about her processes of creating her jewellery, and then we planned a shoot which captured all the elements. I also made time to photograph the little details within her studio such as the tools.

We also made some wonderful portraits so Alchemilla's audience knows exactly who makes the jewellery they love so much!

We were also joined by Jennifers wonderful Mum who created reworked leather goods for the brand, as well as offering a renewing service for your treasured items that need some TLC

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